Mehdi Hosseini (*1979)
Inertia (2014)
clarinet / bass clarinet, piano, violin and violoncello

8′50 — 12’30

Score published by Donemus (Netherlands).
Recorded by Ensemble proton bern (Switzerland),
and MCME Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (Russia).

Russia, Saint-Petersburg State Philharmonic (Glinka Hall)
Sound Ways New Music Ensemble



Inertia is the first of a set of works by the composer utilizing a system he developed called “monodies”. In this system Hosseini attempts to bring into relief the distinct function of the aggregate of all individual lines of the music – heard as a single horizontal complex.

Imbedded within this rather experimental approach is a set of time-honored principles derived from various oriental traditions – perhaps the most salient example of which can be found in the “dastgah” music system belonging to Persian music traditions.

Inertia contains an emergent form approximating both the common principles employed in the spontaneous compositional procedures of oriental music and practiced today in the field of audio synthesis.



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