Mehdi HOSSEINI (*1979)
AN UNFINISHED DRAFT (2010) to poem by Vladimir Nabokov
Flute, clarinet in Bb, piano, violin, cello and baritone



Russia, Saint-Petersburg State Philharmonic (Glinka Hall)
Comissioned for the Contemporary Past Music Festival by the Art-Modern Foundation
Performed by wind quintet of the Mariisnky Theatre
and Soloists of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic
Conducted by Alexis Soriano

  1. Concerto for String Quartet and Chamber Orchestra Mehdi Hosseini 16:34
  2. Symphony of Monody Mehdi Hosseini 18:13
  3. Peshtpa Mehdi_Hosseini 6:18
  4. Taleshi Hava Mehdi Hosseini 2:32
  5. Baluch I. Liku Dalgani Mehdi Hosseini 2:55
  6. Baluch II. Kalampour Mehdi Hosseini 1:46
  7. Baluch III. Zoljalal Guati Mehdi Hosseini 3:43