Mehdi HOSSEINI (*1979)
PESHTPA (2009)
Oboe, bass clarinet and violoncello
Based on folk music material of Kurdistan


Unpublished Score
Recorded and published CD by Arqanoon Records, Tehran

Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Olga Borovik, oboe
Alexander Oskolkov, bass clarinet
Anton Andreev, violoncello

  1. Concerto for String Quartet and Chamber Orchestra Mehdi Hosseini 16:34
  2. Symphony of Monody Mehdi Hosseini 18:13
  3. Peshtpa Mehdi_Hosseini 6:18
  4. Taleshi Hava Mehdi Hosseini 2:32
  5. Baluch I. Liku Dalgani Mehdi Hosseini 2:55
  6. Baluch II. Kalampour Mehdi Hosseini 1:46
  7. Baluch III. Zoljalal Guati Mehdi Hosseini 3:43