NEWS & PERFORMANCESFinnish première of Sârukhâni III at the Sibelius Academy

The MolOt Ensemble will be performed “Sârukhâni III.” for its concert, which will be held at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland.


2 October 2017 — The MolOt Ensemble has picked Mehdi Hosseini’s “Sârukhâni III” for its concert, which will be performed at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland.

Tulkinnanvaraista hosts new music ensemble MolOt from St Petersburg, Russia.

MolOt Ensemble was founded in 2012 under the umbrella of Russian Composers’ Union Youth Department. Naturally the group focuses on presenting newest Russian music, but also includes international key works in their repertoire. MolOt organizes its own eponymous festival and has released a CD of works by young Russian composers.

In this concert a wide spectrum of recent music by Russian composers of different generations is heard. Concluding the varied sonic phenomena MolOt performs one of their favourites, “ac/dc” by post-minimalist Michael Gordon. This concert is presented in collaboration with Sibelius Academy, Russian Musical Union and the International MolOt Group.

  1. Concerto for String Quartet and Chamber Orchestra Mehdi Hosseini 16:34
  2. Symphony of Monody Mehdi Hosseini 18:13
  3. Peshtpa Mehdi_Hosseini 6:18
  4. Taleshi Hava Mehdi Hosseini 2:32
  5. Baluch I. Liku Dalgani Mehdi Hosseini 2:55
  6. Baluch II. Kalampour Mehdi Hosseini 1:46
  7. Baluch III. Zoljalal Guati Mehdi Hosseini 3:43