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  1. Sârukhâni III Mehdi Hosseini 9:26


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Mehdi Hosseini (*1979)
Sârukhâni III (2016)
piccolo/flute/bass flute, clarinet (Bb)/bass clarinet (or contrabass clarinet), percussions, piano, violin, viola and cello
Based on folk music material of Kermânshâhân – Sahneh

Note: Another version was made by the composer for the above instruments
without percussions or viola. also see Sârukhâni I, and Sârukhâni II.


Published by Donemus
Documentatiecentrum Nederlandse Muziek

Russia, St. Petersburg
Mariinsky Theatre
Performance by Ensemble intercontemporain

  1. Sârukhâni III Mehdi Hosseini 9:26
  2. Inertia Mehdi Hosseini 12:00
  3. Marsiehâ-ye Khâk Mehdi Hosseini 4:19
  4. Concerto for String Quartet and Chamber Orchestra Mehdi Hosseini 16:34
  5. Sarbang Mehdi Hosseini 7:36