Selected Works


2005 Symphony of Monody
for large orchestra

2008 Concerto for String Quartet and Chamber Orchestra

2013 Hesar

2014 Marsiehâ-ye Khâk, to poems by Ahmad Shamlu
for orchestra and electronics



2009 Baluch
for alto flute, contrabassoon, horn, xylophone, violin and cello

2010 An Unfinished Draft, to poems by Vladimir Nabokov
for flute, clarinet in Bb, piano, violin, cello and baritone

2010 Pause
for flute, clarinet, tubular bells, piano, violin and cello

2011 Monodies
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

2014 Sarbang
for ensemble

2016 Sârukhâni I
for piccolo/flute/bass flute, saxophone soprano/alto, accordion, violin, cello and electronics

2016 Sârukhâni II
for piccolo/flute/bass flute, saxophone soprano/alto, vibraphone, piano, violin, cello and electronics

2017 3čhekeh
for clarinet, trumpet and viola

2016 Sârukhâni III
for piccolo/flute/bass flute, clarinet (Bb)/bass clarinet (or contrabass clarinet), percussions, piano, violin, viola and cello

2020 Gâhgery
for four or more performers




2003 String Quartet № 1

2007 String Quartet № 2 (Bakhtiari)

2009 Peshtpa
for oboe, bass clarinet and violoncello

2009 Taleshi Hava
for violin and bassoon

2013 Abkenari
for flute, clarinet, violin and cello

2014 Châkuk
for flute and violin duo

2014 Inertia
for clarinet / bass clarinet, piano, violin and violoncello

2017 3čhekeh
for clarinet, trumpet and viola